• claire winsor

2019 kevin taylor creative grant

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

As part of the 2019 Kevin Taylor Creative Grant, recipients Amrita Hepi, choreorgapher and Claire Winsor, Landscape Architect collaborate with TCL staff and friends to explore how we may better understand the Australian landscape through cultural movement. The work intends to explore how we can use movement to define space, explore culture and better interact with, interpret and represent place.

“In Australia we are progressively waking up to our not knowing that we don’t know. We are realising that we do not know this place.” Kevin Taylor.

Movement of Place challenges the usual creative process of a landscape architect. In a workshop environment Amrita acts as a facilitator encouraging participants to explore their cultural relationship to the Australian landscape.

Earlier in May Amrita and Claire were in Adelaide to undertake Part 1 - Harvesting Conversations and engage in one on one conversations with 14 participants about the cultural values of place, attitudes to dance, movement and culture. Through these conversations a series of movements were identified to articulate each person’s personal connection.

Amrita and Claire will be in Adelaide to at the start of October to select sites that relate to the ‘harvested’ connections to landscape and film the series of movement with videographer Peter Drew.

Movement of Place is a process piece to be archived and collated into a video screened as part of the residency exhibition in October. In the video the body is to be used as a point of archive, an exploration through culture and landscape and how this now resides in place.